Sugar Detox

Join us for our annual community sugar detox.

Sugar Detox

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Kick those sugar cravings and habits to the curb and get the support you need. Sign up to learn more about our next up and coming sugar detox.

Stay tuned for details on upcoming Sugar Detox workshops in 2017!

Community Sugar Detox 2016

Join the community and feel the support as we go through this challenge together.
Why detox?
The sugar detox is designed to stabilize blood sugar and eliminate food that you may be having a low level of allergic reaction to. When eliminating these foods some magical things might happen, that rash might go away, you sleep better, lose the last 10 lbs, more energy, mood is lifted, digestion works great and many more possibilities. The important part is the lesson. Clearing the slate allows you to have more of an understanding of how certain food affects you making you more conscious eater, which is HUGE!!
Don’t be shy, it is only 10 days…… what do you have to lose? Together we’ve got this!!